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Confessions Of A Dumb Monkey  - Bisnis
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Created by : admin
Sometimes I'm so dumb it amazes me. I know that I should never fall in love with a program and I should never get complacent with how I market.

I guess that makes me a dumb monkey.

So what do I mean by that?

There are some countries where monkeys are a delicacy. More specifically their brains.

One of the methods they use to capture the monkeys is to take a large jar and place a nut or fruit in the bottom. Anything that the monkey likes to eat.

The top of the jar is just big enough for the monkeys open hand to reach in and just heavy enough that the monkey can't run with it.

When the monkey reaches in and grabs his little goody, he finds he can't get his hand out. No matter how hard he struggles, he can't pull his hand out.

Now this dumb monkey doesn't realize, that if he let go of the prize he's clutching in his hand, he could easily get his hand back out.

The same thing happens to marketers. They find a product or service and fall in love with it. They promote it to the high heavens.

But no matter how much they promote, they can't seem to make a sale. Just like that monkey that won't drop the nut, they just keep pouring good money after bad and refuse to let go.

The same thing happens with their marketing methods. They fall into the trap of using an advertising technique or marketing method that doesn't bring any results.

It doesn't matter how bad the results are they just keep throwing more money into the pot, hoping this time it will work.

Man alive, they've become just as trapped as that little monkey. They don't know when to let go. They've fallen in love and keep spending money like a drunken sailor on shore leave.

Do yourself a favor, don't be a dumb monkey.

If a marketing method isn't working, let it go and find something that does.

If a product or service doesn't sell, let it go and find something that will.

Smart investors know that secret. Many times the only difference between a successful investor and a losing investor is, the successful investor knows when to cut his losses.

Your business can be the best investment you ever make, but like any investment, you have to know when to pyramid your profits and even more importantly when to cut your losses.

Learn that lesson and you're on your way to success.

Wishing You Success,
John Colanzi

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